Service and Safety is our duty

At every airport on this earth, hazards and dangers can occur. Therefore, the City - Airport Mannheim provides a high safety standard with a great and for every accident trained strike team.


According to the regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation ICAO, the airport fire-fighting vehicle FLF Impact 6000 is located at the City - Airport Mannheim. Of course, it is also adjusted to the size of the airport and its aircraft movements.

One of the assignments of the airport fire bregade, besides the fire protection, is the technical support. As a member of the firm, the fire bregade also takes care of different tasks, which are usually not part of their job. These tasks include: maintenance of airport-technical facilities, refuelling of aircrafts and also snow and ice control. The personnel of the airport fire bregade is properly trained on a regularly Basis, not just at the City - Airport Mannheim but also at e.g. the airport fire bregade of Frankfurt/Main. The training of staff is always on a very high level of education.